Psychic Medium & Spiritual Healer
from soul to soul


This is my journey...

Have you heard this before? - I've been psychic since I was little!

That's not true for all mediums and not for me. 

However, I have been interested since childhood and as a 9-10 year old I used to knock on the door of the local medium and ask her about the spirit world. 

When I was growing up I often went to mediums, but I didn't feel able to perceive the spirit world myself. However, my intuition has always been strong and saved me from many situations that could have ended differently. I have always been able to perceive more in a conversation than what was actually said.

My awakening occurred during a difficult period in my life and started with me becoming hypersensitive. I picked up energies and emotions from everywhere and couldn't pass them through my body and thought for a while that I was going crazy.


Through recommendations, I ended up at Arthur Findlay College in London. The world's foremost spiritualistic grammar school and widely known. The course I took and the medium who was the teacher helped me to deal with and pass through these feelings and energies.
I am forever grateful to her.


Since then I have continued to attend courses at AFC, and other similar centers and tried everything from healing, trance healing, trance mediumship, demonstrations, séances etc.


We all have intuition we can develop so it becomes stronger, but not everyone is a medium. I don't have a gift, but I have an ability that I'm constantly working to develop further.


My goal is to serve spirit in the best possible way and to bring healing to those who seek me out. I never stop learning and developing as I believe that we should always strive to be better.